A pub in Kent has won the award for Best Food Service Operator at The National Fish and Chip Awards.

The Little Brown Jug is part of the family-run multiple operator Whiting and Hammond who have eight pubs across Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

The team said they were "overwhelmed" to have won the prize.

The award was collected by Little Brown Jug's head chef, Callum Smith, company executive chef, Darren Collins, and the owner of the pubco, Brian Whiting.

The winners were assessed against a wide variety of judging criteria including responsible sourcing policies, preparation and cooking techniques, promotional activity and menu innovation.

Pipping the runners up to the post with their "Moby Dick" fish and chips, the pub uses cod for its fish and chips "caught in the clear cold waters of the North Atlantic and the Barents Sea, North of Norway".


The pub said it was so proud of the fish that it "even know the names of the boats that caught it and tend to try and keep to these two vessels when supply allows it".