An eating out study by creative agency KAM Media discovered a number of findings around people’s preferences on a possible 130,000 different paths from planning a night out to paying the bill.



Called ‘From Plan to Plate’, the report spoke to 1,000 UK consumers who have eaten out for either breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in a pub or restaurant in the last two weeks.

The report found more than half of people said they had eaten out at a particular place because they wanted to experience the venue - rather than for a specific occasion – and one in three will actually ‘make up’ an event as an excuse to go.

It also showed a majority still want to make reservations by phone, but this shifts towards online in the younger age group with 39 per cent of 18-34-year old’s preferring to book online, compared to 19 per cent of over 55s.

The top ‘turn offs’ to booking online are:

  • I like to speak to a human being
  • You can’t ask for a specific table
  • I’m worried my reservation will get lost

Trust in the system was a major barrier and the report called on eating out venues to make online reservation processes ‘more personal’.

The study also found that social media, especially Instagram, played a significant role in impacting and influencing customer’s eating out decisions. More than one in three have taken a photo of their food in a restaurant or pub and 50 per cent of 18-34-year old’s have posted a photo of their dish on social media.

It also discovered one in three of people are influenced in their decision on dining out by how ‘photogenic’ a dish is.

Katy Moses, managing director at KAM Media said: “It’s a detailed look into the mind of the pub/restaurant customer and will help our clients, both operators and suppliers, to better understand how to market to them and how to affect them at each of those touch points.”