Demand for jackfruit has soared in the past twelve months and the trend looks set to continue throughout 2019.


The popularity of the fruit has risen due to it's meat-like texture, which also soaks up any flavours, making it a great replacement for pulled pork and other meaty dishes.

Jackfruit can also be used in pizza, sandwiches and as a burger option - and has shifted from being a niche vegan option to a mainstream standalone ingredient.


As a result, world food specialists Funnybones Foodservice are stocking up on their Jackfruit supplies as the tree-borne fruit continues to be a leading food trend.


"Until very recently few people in this country had heard of Jackfruit," explains Marja Lawrence, commercial manager for Funnybones Foodservice."It is sometimes known as the miracle fruit because it offers so many nutritious benefits. The fruit contains many seeds that are rich in iron, calcium, protein, potassium and vitamin B."

Jackfruit is very large and can grow up to 90lbs. Once the flesh is cooked, it can be shredded, crumbled or minced before being made into any number of dishes.

It's popularity is down to its versatility, as it can be used as a meat-substitute in savoury dishes in its young green state or as a fully ripe sweet fruit in desserts. Options include cake and jelly dishes or as meat-free ingredient in "pulled pork" burgers or served on nachos.

The tree is easy to grow and also comes with environmental credentials as the trees are resistant to high temperatures and drought, as well as being naturally resistant to pests, therefore not requiring artifical pesticides.

Marja continues:"We predict the market for Jackfruit is going to continue to expand at a fast rate, and we are delighted that the rest of the world is discovering the attributes of one of our staple ingredients."