The first winner of the Nutella Chef Challenge is a culinary student from the University of Derby.




Regor Siiner wowed the judges at the Salon Culinaire with a chocolate pastry tart & blackberry mousse filling topped with a bon bon packed with Nutella inside. The bon bon was created by wrapping Nutella in crispy filo pastry in the shape of an old fashioned sweet.

Speaking at Salon Culinaire, Regor Siiner said: "The blackberry mousse added a touch of sharpness and sitting above it all was the golden pastry, which when you cut into it perfectly showcased the Nutella.

"It felt like the 30 minutes was over in no time at all, but it was all worth it when I saw how much the judges enjoyed my dessert."

Regor won a trip to Piedmont, Italy where he will visit the Ferrero factory.

Judging the competition, Fiona Morgan, had of foodservice, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said:

"This is a once in a lifetime prize. He showed great skill in cooking with Nutella and by encasing it in the filo pastry ensured the integrity and taste of the hazelnut and cocoa spread was the star of his dish."

The competition took place on the Live Theatre stage at the Foodservice Show and tested the chefs' skills by asking them to create a dish in thirty minutes, containing less than 500 calories and using just one heaped teaspoon of Nutella per portion.