It's not just bleeding burgers these days - now vegans can enjoy a good old British banger too.

The Meatless Farm Co, is expanding its range of plant-based products with a new line of sausages for the nation's meat reducers, veggies and vegans.

Last year, Pubco Marston's became the first national pub firm to put 'bleeding' vegan burgers on its menu as part of a £1m deal.

The sausages are made from high quality, natural plant-based ingredients, including the company's signature mix of pea, soya and rice proteins.

The sausages join The Meatless Farm Co's plant-based mince and burgers being high in protein, a good source of fibre, vegan friendly and gluten free.

Rob Woodall, CEO of The Meatless Farm Co, said: "We're a British start-up that's carefully created the recipe for our new plant-based sausages over the course of two years and we're thrilled with the result.

"Our sausages provide the same taste and texture of meat whilst remaining nutritionally sound, this was really key to us.

"We wanted to add another product to the range which further champions 'kind eating' and provides a healthy, centre of plate solution for families - whether they're veggie, vegan or just swapping out the odd meat meal."

Recent research from the brand has found that 42 per cent of British consumers are increasing the amount of plant-based food they eat this year and the meat alternative market is expected to be worth £4.1bn globally by 2020.

The British company recently launched The UK Meatless Consumption Target, a campaign aimed at encouraging UK households to swap one more meat meal to plant-based a week by 2021.