Inapub has rounded up the best new food products in the market for pubs to get stuck into.

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Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish burger

Perfect for those flexitarians, Young's Foodservice has launched a new Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish burger.

The Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish features all the indulgence of the burgers we know and love, and taps into the growing flexitarian and meat-free lifestyle trends.

Adrian Greaves, Foodservice Director at Young's Seafood said: "When it comes to burgers, quality, premiumisation and personalisation is key to keep them at the top of customer's lists and our new Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish is a show stopper that will help you tap into the growing flexitarian and meat-free lifestyle trends."


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Gluten-free treats

ARYZTA Food Solutions has unveiled a new range of gluten-free bakery items, including a versatile soft Rustic Cinnamon and Raisin Sandwich Baguette, a Granola Cookie Crust Cheesecake, a light and delicate Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake, an indulgent Chocolate and Beetroot Layer Cake and a Lemon Drizzle Traybake.

Paul Maxwell, Marketing Manager at ARYZTA Food Solutions, said: "With sales of gluten-free products predicted to increase by 25 per cent by 2022, this is a market deserving of greater consideration by operators across hospitality.

"Coeliacs, or those with a gluten intolerance want the confidence to know that what they are eating is safe for them, while operators need the confidence to serve food that meets these requirements and delivers on taste and quality."


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Chilli Mayo

Whether it's for perking up your salads, spicing up your chips or ramping up your burgers, these are two hot and spicy mayos from Encona.

Tom Styman-Heighton, development chef at Funnybones Foodservice, said: "Hot and spicy are still the fashionable flavours that excite consumers when it comes to sauces and dressings, and Encona are makers of the UK's number one hot pepper sauce.

"We are launching these two new mayos for foodservice outlets with great confidence that our customers are going to love them and consumers are going to be asking for more.

"Very tasty and versatile, the mayos are ideal as dips to serve with dishes such as chips, chicken, burgers or salads, and can also be used as a sauce to mix with chicken, eggs or tuna to create spicy sandwich or jacket potato fillings."

Thai Sweet Chilli Mayo: Mildly spicy but full of tangy, garlic flavours. The sauce has the sweetness of Sweet Chilli Sauce, the creaminess of traditional mayonnaise and a gentle kick of chilli.

Carolina Reaper Chilli Mayo: Encona had huge success with their Encona Carolina Reaper sauce and the new mayo offers the same deliciously smoky, fiery flavours.


Vegetarian Italian hard cheese

Chefs across the country will have the opportunity to use a top vegetarian Italian hard cheese thanks to Granarolo Group UK.

The firm's premium Quattrocento Hard Cheese is made from 100 per cent Italian milk originating from the co-operative's very own dairy herds. Matured on wooden shelves to deliver a fruity flavour and excellent texture, giving a truly authentic taste of Italy.




Country range soft cheese and yoghurts

A new range of soft cheeses and yogurts have been launched by Country Range.

The innovative foodservice brand has added to its chilled dairy offering with the launch of a sublime selection of soft cheeses and yogurts including a luxurious mascarpone and a traditional crème fraiche.

The new nutrient-rich products are incredibly versatile and made fresh with high-quality milk sourced within a 25-mile radius of the dairy's production site. 



Stokes Squeezy Sauces

New squeezy recyclable bottles are being unveiled by Stokes Sauces.

The brand, which is famous for its range of delicious artisan sauces, is launching the family-friendly, recyclable bottles for the food service industry.

It is releasing its famous Tomato Ketchup, Real Mayonnaise and Brown Sauce in the new format bottles.

Founder and managing director of Stokes Sauces, Rick Sheepshanks, said: "An incredible 97 per cent of all ketchup bought by consumers in the UK is sold in squeezy bottles and although people love our signature glass bottles, sometimes glass isn't the most convenient, especially for families."