Reviewers in the North leave more positive reviews than their Southern counterparts across the restaurant and bar industries, data has revealed.


The statistics gathered together by online reputation specialist Feed It Back confirm the commonly held assertion that Londoners are the hardest customers to please, with 15 per cent of all reviews left in the capital falling in the negative score bracket of (1-2 out of 5).

However, the northern cities of Leeds and Edinburgh, topped the list of most satisfied customers, with 82.3 per cent of reviews from both cities falling in the positive bracket (4-5 out of 5), followed by Liverpool (81.9 per cent), and Glasgow (78.3 per cent).

The words 'rude' and 'group' featured prominently in reviews in the capital, particularly in comparison to the other major cities analysed.

Whereas, the primary drivers behind positive reviews in the top performing cities in the North were the words 'birthday' and 'special'. This clearly indicates the opportunity for operators to capitalise on the make or break special occasions, such as birthday's or anniversaries, which have proven to drive overtly positive and negative reviews.

Looking at the social channels each region chose to share their feedback on, Londoner's predominantly used Google (69.8 per cent) and TripAdvisor (24.9 per cent).

Leeds reviewers topped the charts of usage for typically negative platform, TripAdvisor usage, with (37.1 per cent). 

Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back said: "The statistics clearly reinforce the widely held assertion that London customers are the most demanding in the UK. This can be partly attributed to the vast range of choice available in the capital, along with the fast pace of life demanding ever quicker transactions.

"Interestingly, the data does show that social review platforms are not a unique phenomenon for the capital and that cities all across the UK are turning to social media to let their feelings known, be them good or bad, presenting a great opportunity for operators with large estates to gain granular regional knowledge on what customers demand from specific sites.

"Data is only one piece of the puzzle. When combined with the knowledge of a great general manager the two are incredibly powerful in positively influencing the guest experience and creating exceptional dining experiences that drive loyalty and return custom."