Simon Dukes, aka Burger Lad, has revealed his top "fusion burgers" in the new Gourmet Burger Guide from Lantmännen Unibake.

Valued at £3.2bn the UK burger market is big business and this new report aims to help licensees make the most of it.


Gourmet burger guide by numbers


One of the trends in the market is for "burger fusion" the report says.

"Food fusion (the combining of contrasting culinary traditions, flavours and techniques into a single dish) remains on trend, with quirky names and a blending of popular flavours and textures continuing to drive sales. Experiment with new flavours, textures and combinations that will make your menu unique and distinctly different from the competition," says the report.

Burger Lad's top five suggestions are:


Asian-style pulled pork burger – The fresh and filling combination fuses popular Asian flavours with a traditionally American format.

Potato Bravas – Combining a spicy tomato sauce, garlic mayo and crispy potatoes

Chimichurri Burger – Taking its inspiration from Argentina, the flavourful chimichurri sauce works particularly well with burgers that have been barbecued

Mac n Cheese Burger – bringing two iconic American dishes, this burger offers real comfort food

Bacon & Kimchi Burger – This Korean inspired burger offers something a little different and the addition of a spicy mayo adds a real kick.