People in Birmingham are Britain's hungriest when it comes to casual dining deals, new data has shown.

Sales data released by ecommerce platform Wowcher showed that people in Birmingham spent the most per person during the first half of 2019, followed by Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Brummie Wowcher subscribers splashed 266 per cent more cash per person than those in London, while Liverpudlian subscribers outspent those in Manchester by 38 per cent.

Overall, London saw the most casual dining deal spend at more than £1.8m. Birmingham follows with more than £766,000 spent. Close behind are Manchester, with more than £236,000, and Liverpool, with more than £196,000 spent.

Dan Martin, managing director of services and Ttavel at Wowcher said: "Dining experiences are a key part of Wowcher's promotional mix, and our data demonstrates the huge consumer appetite for these deals across the platform – despite a tough couple of years for the market. 

"We've had great success showcasing local and regional promos, highlighting delicious cuisine both on people's doorstep, and across the UK's leading foodie destinations."