A pub near Bristol is giving away free meals to children to support families in need over the summer holidays.

The Crown Inn in Keynsham, Somerset, is giving away 100 free hot meals to hungry children every day for the rest of the summer holidays.

It's directed at families whose children receive free school meals during term time and therefore face a financial struggle during the school holidays when they don't have that additional support.

People are invited to come in so their children can enjoy a hot meal and no questions will be asked.

It was the brainchild of landlord David Yeomans who was inspired to take on the initiative after a visit to his local food bank.

He said: "We realised that we could do hot meals for people in need.

"We have had amazing support from the community and from as far away as Scotland, Birmingham and Portsmouth thanking us for doing it. 

"It seems to have gone wild - it's great. The more who know the better."

It came following reports that many parents are regularly going without food in order to feed their children during the long six week holiday break.

Parliament said that up to three million families are experiencing "holiday hunger"

Now, David is planning further ventures to support local families across the area.

He added: "We will continue as long as people need it. We are doing a kids club in school time where we will feed 35 to 40 kids after school times. We do this during all the holidays and we are thinking of something for Christmas."