The annual celebration is due to run from 4 to 11 October this year and pubs can get involved to help encourage people to eat more fish.


Organisers Seafish says a whopping 72 per cent of adults in the UK don't know that it is recommended that everyone eats at least two portions of fish a week and says it is therefore more important than ever for operators to get involved - as well as to serve more seafood all year round.

Young's Foodservice is hoping to encourage more venues to sign up for Seafood Week by launching a series of new recipes.

"Whether it's eating out at restaurants, pubs and cafes, buying from the chippy or in schools, Seafood Week is about the industry working together and encouraging everyone to eat more fish," said Adrian Greaves, foodservice director at the company.


Seafoodweek Fish Tacos F3 low


The new recipes include kid-friendly meals such as fish fingers with stuffed peppers; simple twists to elevate some classics, such as salmon fillets with roasted potato, tomato & basil salad; dishes for those who like to try something a bit different, such as a fish ramen bowl or fish tacos (above) and even choices for diners who aren't very adventurous, such as a fish burger. You can get all the recipes from the Young's Foodservice website.

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