Contestants in this week's edition of the Great British Bake Off were challenged with creating eight standout floury baps and a veggie burger.


Now, Americana has today released its top tips to create a spot on gourmet burger offering, as well as its own recipe for a meat-free burger.

Kate Sykes, marketing manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, said: "No-one knows better than us the importance of offering a quality burger bun. 69 per cent of a burger is made up of the bun, meaning that it's an important element not to be overlooked.

"It makes financial sense too, with consumers willing to pay up to £1.25 more for a burger in a gourmet bun. With buns top of the agenda thanks to the Great British Bake Off, take advantage of our top tips here."

1. Keeping it classic 

It requires little or no elaboration. Take a classic combination of a patty of your choice, cheese and toppings and put them in a premium bun and you've got a recurring favourite!

Think the finest, locally sourced ingredients, but keep it simple. For example, a classic cheeseburger with traditional sauces such as ketchup and mustard topped with lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles. All housed in a gourmet brioche or grill marked bun.

2. Seasonal 

Whatever the season, you can expect to see burgers that reflect the ingredients available. Spring is a great example, with protein such as lamb for the burger and fresh, vibrant flavours including rocket, spring onions or aubergine as toppings. Autumn is also a good time to deliver seasonal burgers, by incorporating flavours and colours such as roasted red peppers, spinach and fresh chillies operators can create an autumnal inspired dish.

3. Innovation 

Meat-free alternatives are the buzz at the moment. There is a huge focus on this trend at the moment and it's imperative operators include veggie and vegan friendly options on menus to avoid being left behind.

Fusion burgers are also big – like sushi-inspired Japanese rice or fish burgers which blend modern Japanese and classic American flavours.

4. Indulgence

Building on the 'Classic' element already mentioned, focusing on indulgence is a way to take this to the next level. Burgers such as Wagyu beef from Japan topped with decedent options such as maple bacon, truffle camembert and wild mushrooms is a simple way to enhance a menu. Serve these in a gourmet burger bun such as the Americana Grill Marked bun or Brioche bun and you have a seriously indulgent offer that screams luxury.

Additionally, consumers are looking for the WOW factor when heading out of home for a burger, so operators should take advantage of the growing range of accompaniments such as fresh and colourful salads, cold meats, cheeses, sauces and condiments.


The 'Just As Good As Meat Burger' Burger


(Serves 10)


  • 10 Americana Glazed Burger Buns
  • 20 pcs Halloumi
  • 20 slices of beetroot
  • 200g sliced pickled red onion
  • Mayonnaise
  • Kale



Toast the Glazed Bun

Add the mayonnaise and the kale on the bottom of the bun

Cook the halloumi until it starts to turn golden brown

Place the halloumi on the bun

Season with salt and pepper

Top off the burger with the sliced pickled red onion, beetroot and some extra mayonnaise