Improvements to vegan gourmet burgers are needed, research shows


The vegan and vegetarian market is predicted to be worth £1.1bn by 2023 and with 66 per cent of consumers opting for or open to meat-alternative dishes, an appealing vegan menu can provide a rewarding opportunity for caterers.

Veganism is a profitable trend, with 29% of consumers looking for vegan options when dining out of home. However, many foodservice outlets are missing out on sales due to poor meat-free alternatives. 

Kate Sykes, marketing manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, which did the research, said: "The fact that just 24 per cent of consumers would currently rate the vegan offering in bars, pubs and restaurants at 4 stars or above (out of five) – shows that operators clearly need to up their vegan game and enhance their menus. As buns make up 69 per cent of a burger, it's vital that foodservice operators pay just as much attention to the quality of buns as they do the patties.

"The vegan market has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and provides a lucrative opportunity for operators. However, our research shows that there is a disparity between the consumer desire for these dishes and the quality of dishes on offer.

"We have demonstrated that the benefits of trading up to gourmet, when it comes to meat based burgers are unmistakable and the opportunity is there for the taking in the vegan category too.