A team of top celebrity chefs have joined together to back Meatballs Month which bids to raise money for children with muscular dystrophy.

Chefs including Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett, Tom Parker-Bowles, Ken Hom and chef to the Royal Family, Mark Flanagan are backing the national campaign which aims to raise money to fund 'Muscle Dreams' – a charity that provides transformational experiences for young children with the muscle wasting disease muscular dystrophy.

Meatballs Month is the brainchild of the Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) charity. The campaign aims to ignite the nation's appetite for meatballs but at the same time encourage the flexing of fundraising muscles by throwing a meatball meal or party during November.


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So, why should pubs support the event?

1. We all know how great pubs are at raising cash for good causes. And there's something heartwarming and encouraging about knowing you are supporting a good cause and it's something punters are bound to donate to. It can be simple - just put charity boxes on the bar, or pick one of your most popular beers and donate a portion of the profits to the charity.

2. It's a great way to come up with new recipes! Meatballs are one of those meals that you don't often see on the menu so it's a good opportunity to explore your options, come up with some different ideas for the menu and look at vegan specials! Or take a look at the website where some of the world's finest chefs come up with some delicious meatball recipes. Then donate a percentage of the takings from meatball recipes

3. You can decorate the pub! The campaign lasts an entire month so it's a good chance to make the most of it and decorate the pub with banners and bunting to raise awareness. It's cheap to do and will make people aware of what's going on and make them more likely to put their hand in their pocket!

4. You can have a party! What better excuse for a party than knowing you are raising money for a charity to support poorly children? Encourage punters to buy meatballs and ask them to make a donation.

5. It's a good way to promote your pub on social media. If you get behind the campaign using the hashtag #meatballmonth and encourage punters to do the same, it could help you to drive footfall and get more people interested in the campaign.


In addition to raising valuable funds, Meatball Month is also designed to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy, a disease which currently has no cure. The average lifespan of someone with muscular dystrophy is just 22.

You can download a kit from www.meatballmonth.com which provides invites, name cards and a fundraising guide.