Focus on serving well-cooked beef to guarantee rave reviews.

Online review specialists Feed It Back analysed thousands of online and social reviews acrossrestaurants and pubs and found that beef is the ingredient that can make or break a roast dinner.

The word beef drives 28 per cent of positive reviews, the highest of all ingredients, it found.

But it also features in 42 per cent of all negative reviews.

Further insight shows that the way the beef is cooked is crucial, with the word 'cook' featuring in 18 per cent of positive reviews across the sectors. Those guests unhappy with how their beef was cooked, often referred to the beef being tough.

Other meats, such as chicken and pork, are less likely to drive positive endorsement, accounting for 6 per cent and 4 per cent of positive reviews respectively.

Potatoes are another key component of a roast that operators need to get right, as they lead the way for negative reviews, as 47 per cent of negative reviews referencing the word potato, with cold and hard potatoes coming in for particular criticism.

Yorkshire puddings are also a key driver of negative reviews accounting for 27 per cent of all bad feedback. The main gripes were around availability and execution with particular focus on the product being greasy.

Commenting on the insight, Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back said: "Beef – often the most premium meat on the menu – is a make or break item that will leave guests feeling satisfied or disappointed.

"Tracking guest sentiment during a busy Sunday service is very challenging without the use of technology, but by utilising technology to analyse feedback, operators can get to the bottom of what customers really think about their offer, focusing specifically on deciding factors, such as beef."