Looking for some tasty ideas to kick the year off? Well, here you go then...

1. Japanese please

Jap food

Having proved themselves the hosts with the most with the Rugby World Cup this autumn, the Land of the Rising Sun is turning its attention to the 2020 Summer Olympics (July 24 to August 9), so what better time to promote some delicious Japanese foods of an evening?
Don't think that means you have to serve sushi, either; frozen gyoza from the likes of Ajinomoto are perfect partners for beer and easy to prepare. Or you can turn your attention to yakitori (skewers of meat or fish) or even chicken katsu curry, which to our minds is set to be the next Thai green curry. You heard it here first...

2. Breakfast for dinner


The all-day breakfast is a great British institution, so there's no reason for not to be serving a full English during evening service. Just remember — don't put the beans anywhere near the egg (don't copy the picture)

3. Burger blowout

It might not be the most original food promotion but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You can use the opportunity to offer "burger and a pint" deals, of course, or to offer something a bit different. Bleeding vegan burgers are all the rage now, or go gourmet with burgers made with venison or tuna.
Alternatively, take inspiration from pubs like The Brandling Villa in Stockport, which offers The Dirty Thoughts Of Cheryl Cole on its "Burgers of Destiny" menu — a beef burger topped with a sausage roll, cheddar cheese and baked beans. And don't forget the chips — for the chips maketh the burger.

4. Fish Friday


Or make it a fish Wednesday or a fish Monday, for a fish night needn't just mean fish & chips on a Friday. If you want to try something on-trend,
experts are predicting "seacuturie" to emerge in 2020 — think platters of smoked fish and fish pâtés, as well as ceviche, oysters and marinated seafood, for example.

5. Pizza party

The great thing about pizza is that even pubs with the most basic of food offers can these days serve a pretty decent pizza. From
frozen and reheated at one end of the market to from-scratch and wood-fired at the other, every pub can get a slice of the pizza pie.

6. Death by chocolate


The Three Ways House Hotel in Chipping Campden, Gloucester, has been running a successful pudding club since 1985, where ticket holders get to try seven puddings of an evening. Why not take a whisk out of their bowl and do something similar but with chocolate at your gaff?
Alternatively, you could put on a chocolate tasting or chocolate making event; chocolate sharing boards, chocolate fondue, chocolate cocktails, chocolate covered in chocolate... sorry, did we get a bit carried away there?

7. Curry club


Beat 'spoons at its own game by offering a curry deal once a week, but be more creative — a korma and a lager isn't the only game in town. There are Thai curries to experiment with, as well as those from the Caribbean and Malaysia. Or choose some alternative Indian curries — Goan fish, Parsi lamb, Keralan beef stir-fry or Hyderabadi-style chicken biryani — there's hardly a shortage of recipes out there.
As for the booze accompaniment, cider and aromatic white wines make a great match for most and you can make lassis and chai for the non-drinkers.