A guide on how to set up an ad account on Facebook to allow you to boost posts and place ads on the platform.



Placing ads & boosting posts is a great way to bring you more followers and bring you more customers from Facebook. To do this you will need to set up an ad account.

To set up an account you will need to have a Facebook page set up with some engagement, followers & reach.

Here are the setups you need to take to set up an ad account:

  1. Open your business page.
  2. From the tabs along the top, select the ad centre. You may have to click on the more option towards the right to get a dropdown.
  3. Select the boost option.
  4. You will have to setup your audience options.
  5. Select the amount you with to spend.
  6. Then select Setup new Ad account.
  7. You will then be taken to the new add account section.
  8. Enter your address and other details and select save.
  9. Enter your card details and the currency you want to pay it in.
  10. Select save.
  11. You will then be able to select the post you want to boost and run the boost.