The way that we enjoy our food and drink has changed in the last 10 years. As we enter a new decade, Bidfood has looked at some of the food, drink and dining trends set to shape the industry in a new report.

An explosion of flavour is set to hit the UK food scene in 2020, driven by advances in experiential dining, a range of global flavours, developments in sustainability and technology, as well as unusual and authentic cooking methods coming to the forefront.


Feed the Senses

It's predicted that the 2020s will be all about interactive dining experiences and feeding the senses. That could include immersive experiences through to subtle use of light, smell and sound to heighten diners' enjoyment.

Communal dining will continue to grow in popularity as shared meals that encourage interaction pique interest. 

We will see more Sticks, skewers and dipping as well as more colourful meals.

Products to look out for: Coconut Skewered Prawns, Rainbow Layer Cakes and Caramelised Onion Bloomer

Ingredients to try out: Beetroot and hibiscus




Simply Global

Thanks to technology creating a more globally connected world, our eyes have been opened to niche cuisines and ingredients that many have not experienced before. We will see more food from various different countries and regions such as Lebanon, the Pacific Islands and Australasia. 

Other areas include the Middle East, Vietnam and South America.

Products to look out for: Gochujang Paste and Bang Bang Chicken

Ingredients to try out: Tahini, miso, chai, yuzu and chimichurri




Creatively Sustainable

More and more of us are becoming concerned about the health of the planet so there will be more vegatables hogging the spotlight with lots of plant-based alternative dishes.

When it comes to consuming meat and fish, ensuring the whole animal is used will be of utmost importance to help minimise food wastage. 

Products to look out for: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, Kombucha and Smoked Tofu

Ingredients to try out: Banana blossom, nut butters and kimchi


Skilful Flavour

Chefs will be challenged with becoming more creative as unusual cooking and preparation techniques make their way into our world. We should expect to see a rise in pickled and cured gut-friendly dish elements, as well as blackened and burnt food from high-temperature cooking over a fire. 




There will be more raw food and a look at frying food to maximise the texture.

Products to look out for: Blackened Peppered Beef, Biotiful Kefir and Street Food Pastes

Ingredients to try out: Harissa and sauerkraut


Beyond the Basics

Whilst new and unusual flavours and experiences will be popular in 2020, with uncertain environmental and political times, many diners will be looking for ways to anchor themselves to the familiar.

Food and drink that evokes feelings of nostalgia will be popular, with basic well-known dishes such as toast, eggs, salads and sandwiches being given gourmet makeovers using quality ingredients.

Products to look out for: Orange Spiced French Toast and Nordic Bread

Ingredients to try out: Spirulina powder and coloured croissant doughs

So, what do Bidfood have to say about these trends? Lucy Pedrick is the head of Insights and Customer Experience at Bidfood. She said: "The last 10 years have brought about huge change in the way we eat and what we eat, and we can only expect this to accelerate in the next decade.

"We're particularly excited about the Feed the Senses trend that we've identified, as dining increasingly becomes about the whole experience. We're looking forward to assisting our partners with menu ideas, recipes and information about new ingredients to help make 2020 the best year for the UK food scene yet."