A Kent pub has opened its own shop in a bid to support people and provide essential items to help them cope in the covid-19 crisis.

The Red Lion in Hernhill has opened a shop selling items such as pasta, rice, frozen bread, tea, coffee, baked beans, milk and butter to support people who are unable to get out and about or who can't get the food that they need.

Landlord Joshua White said: "It's all dire at the moment so we decided to do this as we are neighboured by quite a few shops. We thought it would be a really good way of helping people.

"This is going back to having a pub as part of the community. It's just easier for people. We've just got a few things which people are really appreciative of.

"With the pub being quieter than usual we are able to supply key items from our dry store."

Joshua said the pub has been receiving cancellations for planned Mother's Day bookings for Sunday, with people too fearful to leave the house.

"It's much quieter than usual. We have usually got a bustling lunch trade," he added.

"But we do want to just see if we can stay open for Mother's Day."

The pub is also offering a takeaway menu with food such as fish and chips, a vegan lasagne and burgers.