The very first Beer Day Britain is almost upon us (June 15).

There's plenty of ways to get involved, and make sure you raise a glass and tweet your #cheersforbeer on the big day itself.

In its inaugural year the event falls on Magna Carta Day, which celebrates 800 years since the document was sealed, a fact which has been reflected in a number of the specially brewed beers on offer to help you celebrate.

Here's our pick of the crop...

Britannia's Brew
A collaboration between Jane Peyton, the brains behind the event, and members of Project Venus, a group of female brewers, just 1,215 bottles of this brew have been made.

The beer contains English Boadicea and Sovereign hops; seaweed to represent Wales; heather for Scotland; flax seed for Northern Ireland and English red and white rose petals to represent the Tudor Rose.

It is described as a "light, golden ale, with subtle floral notes of orchard blossom, a hint of mint and grassy undertones."

How very British!



Magna Carta
The Windsor & Eaton Brewery held a competition with the London Amateur Brewers Association to find the best recipe for a strong English ale, and the result is this barley wine.

The recipe, by Manmohan Birdi, contains traditional ingredients such as Yarrow, ground ivy and liquorice.

There are two version of the brew, a four per cent ABV cask version, which is available until the end of the month (June) and a 7.2 per cent ABV version in bottle that will be available all year.

"This beer was brewed by the people, for the people," said a spokesperson.



Law of the Land
A 5.5 per cent ABV beer from Lincolnshire brewery Batemans, this is a rich ruby beer made with sweet English barley and Minstrel hops.

The county is home to one of only four surviving copied of the Magna Carta, which inspired the name of the brew.

Lincolnshire County Council and the East Lindey District Council we also involved in making the beer, which was launched in the women's prison at the newly renovated Lincoln Castle - where Lincoln Cathedral's copy of the document is now housed.

Spitfire Ale
The team at Shepherd Neame invited Richard Ashworth, MEP for South East England (above, right), to help brew a batch of its flagship Spitfire Ale, which will be used to toast the inaugural Beer Day Britain.

"Brewing beer is only half the story," said Ashworth. "The success of this sector impacts on agriculture, manufacturing and retailing.

"There are more than 150 breweries in my constituency which directly employ 100,000 people and provide a further 140,000 jobs in the supply chain. It's been great to get a sense of the role this historic brewery plays in the thriving industry behind our national drink.



Great Charter
The brewer at Oldershaw's brewery in Lincolnshire, Kathy Brittan, created this beer, which she describes as a, "traditional British brown ale," made with seven malts and all English hops.

The 4.3 per cent ABV brew is named after the English translation of "Magna Carta" and has caramel and toffee flavours, balanced with dark malts and rich, fruity aromas.

It is available now.