A Glaswegian pub has changed its name from Vespbar to Yesbar in a bid to push their vote for the Scottish referendum.

Licensees Jim and Suzanne McLaughlin are confident of seeing Scotland become independent in the vote, which takes place next Thursday (September 18), and say they might keep the name if the vote is positive.

Jim said: "One of the great things about being in the pub trade is that you get to hear all the chatter. We tend to attract a younger clientele and there's no doubt that people have become really engaged in the independence debate."

The pub on Drury Street has had a visit from Hollywood actor Alan Cumming since the name change and has already become a hit on social media.

Suzanne explained: "It's been amazing. Twitter and Facebook went mad almost as soon as the new Yesbar signs went up. And since then, people have been coming in droves to have a drink and congratulate us on the name change."

Having run the pub for the past three years, Jim is more than hopeful that next Thursday's vote could be a yes.

He added: "I've never really been very political before because, like a lot of people, I felt that my vote didn't really count because most of the time in Scotland we end up with governments at Westminster that we haven't voted for.

"But the referendum is different. This time every vote will count and that has got me buzzing with excitement. I've never been surer that a yes vote is an opportunity and we simply cannot afford to pass that up."

However, Yesbar is not the only pub getting involved in the referendum. A pub in Ayr is offering yes and no pints to its customers in a bid to suss out its customers' opinions and create debate ahead of the referendum.

The Twa Dugs has been offering its two "Referendum Ales" – IPA Independent Pale Ale and Bitter Together, since July 29. So far, the IPA yes seems to be winning.