A new mobile app has been created to let customers redeem drinks gifts purchased by friends anywhere in the world.

The new One From Me app lets users purchase drinks and send it to someone digitally as a gift, and the person receiving it can then redeem the drink in pubs using the app.

Peter Masters, managing director at One From Me said: "We wanted to develop an app that allowed pubs to reach new audiences without having to invest in daunting technology. Most importantly, we made sure that the serving time per punter wasn't increased significantly by use of the app, knowing that anything that impinges on the speed of service is a huge pain point for landlords. It takes just three seconds for bar staff to process the drinks via the app.

"The app is a fantastic platform to help drive new custom to participating pubs and bars and most importantly there's no hardware involved. There's no set up cost, no time implications and completely free staff training available for those who sign up."