A new Feedback Scheme will enable users to easily make complaints to pubs and restaurants when they are unhappy with the service.

The new scheme aims to tackle the problem of negative online reviews and lets customers send messages directly to pubs or restaurants in order to help them correct mistakes, rather than ruin reputations on public websites.

Feedback Scheme founder Jamie Snape said: "If unhappy with a service a customer wants to be able to quickly and easily communicate this to the local manager within the business, and have them action change on the ground.

"When you stop and think about it, you would never dream of posting a negative online review relating to a restaurants or pub owned by a friend or family member, because you know it would cause damage. You would simply feedback your experience to help them improve things, and now people can do the same for the business owners and managers they don't know."

The new scheme aims to be used by the majority of pubs and restaurants within two years of launching.