Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matt Eley is an Inapub contributor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley

21.10.2019 Blogs

Being asked to travel more than 5,000 miles to brew a new beer and sample plenty of others falls into the 'well, if you insist' category.

26.9.2019 Play

If I had been in possession of any psychic powers, there is no way I would have agreed to cover an event with a spiritual medium on the day the England cricket team are playing in the World Cup final.

22.9.2019 Eat

The pub is the place to party, that much we know. A great room, attentive staff and every drink you could ever want help to create moments to cherish every night of the week. But what's the best food to serve these party people? Here are a few of our favourite pub party bites.

20.8.2019 Play

Car parks can be beautiful things when they are full of wheels and your pub is full of people, but what do you do when it looks like a desolate concrete wasteland? Here are a few ideas to make the most of that concrete space.

13.6.2019 Eat

If you want to put a smile on your customers' faces at breakfast then a fry-up is still the way to go.

10.6.2019 Play

Table sports have taken a huge hit ever since the food revolution pushed pubs to find more space for diners. But is a new import, Shuffleboard, about to buck the trend?

7.6.2019 Play

We all know that a successful national team in a summer sporting tournament can only be positive news for the UK pub trade. And this
summer hopes are pinned on the England Women's football team.

23.5.2019 Back bar

If you were running a book, there would have been long odds on a 16th-century pub in a Suffolk village being the first in the country to go cashless but The Boot, Freston, Suffolk did just that.

Back bar
2.5.2019 Drink

Cask beer quality champions Cask Marque has launched a new accreditation scheme for the wider beer category.

30.4.2019 Play

There are few events that provide the excitement — or the need to sup nervously on a beer — of a cup final. The good news for pubs is that the next month or so is packed with them. Here's what's coming your way.