Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matt Eley is an Inapub contributor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley

24.1.2019 Eat

Eating out is set to decline over the next two years – but casual dining could buck the trend – according to analysis by global information company the NPD Group.

23.1.2019 Drink

More Scottish on-trade businesses are in growth than at this time last year – but many have serious concerns about the impact of Brexit.

21.1.2019 Drink

How are you combatting Blue Monday in your pub?

18.1.2019 Drink

Beer is the driving force behind the spike in the popularity of low and no alcohol alternatives – but more must be done to bring labelling in line with Europe.

16.1.2019 Play

Pubs looking to get new guests into their rooms may be better off targeting baby boomers than younger customers.

14.1.2019 Back bar

The best in the business are being invited to stake their claim for the title of BII Licensee of the Year.

Back bar
11.1.2019 Play

It's hard to know where to start with the Cartford Inn.

10.1.2019 Play

The drama of the Six Nations is an almost guaranteed pub crowd-puller but with a World Cup to follow later in the year, there will be even more attention than usual on the annual event.

8.1.2019 Play

When the smoking ban was introduced more than a decade ago, a lot went out with it.

3.1.2019 Blogs

Do you ever feel like the only sane person in a mad world?