Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matthew Eley

Matt Eley is an Inapub contributor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley

2.3.2018 Play

Pubs will be in for a footballing feast in April with both Sky Sports and BT Sport revealing their live matches for the month.

1.3.2018 Eat

Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown is doing her bit to ensure pub stars of the future rise to the top.

22.2.2018 Back bar

Growing numbers of people want to secure a table using mobile technology.

Back bar
21.2.2018 Play

Sports pub finder app MatchPint has signed with Budweiser to support pubs during the FIFA World Cup this summer.

19.2.2018 Back bar

Pubs have got some of the worst restrooms around - and the majority of women have cleaned a public toilet before using it.

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15.2.2018 Play

The Champions League draw couldn't have worked out much better for English clubs — or English pubs.

14.2.2018 Play

Men are likely to be the big spenders on Valentine's Day – in both cash terms and the time it takes to get ready.

12.2.2018 Play

Pubs could be in for a week to get the heart racing, with spending set to increase on Valentine's Day this year.

9.2.2018 Drink

Sales of beer rose by 55 million pints last year but there was a dip in beer sold at the pumps.

8.2.2018 Blogs

I'm scared of robots.

Not in a 'they're going to destroy us and take over the world' sense. I just don't want to be served by one of them at the bar.