Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Robyn Black is Inapub's drinks expert and deputy editor. Follow her on Twitter @MrsRobynBlack

29.3.2017 Back bar

Back in the 1950s and '60s Asian immigrants weren't even allowed to drink in most pubs, but now a key few are saving ailing pubs with a winning mix of pakoras and pints.

Back bar
23.3.2017 Drink

Making a good coffee is harder than it looks and with the coffee market booming and competition high, you can't afford to serve a bad one.

22.3.2017 Blogs

From wild potato chichi (a South American beer) in 13,000 BC to pepper berry wine in 600 AD to alcopops in the 1990s, alcohol in one form or another has permeated human life through the ages.

21.3.2017 Drink

Britvic Soft Drinks is bringing the first ginger-flavoured cola to the UK this summer in the form of Pepsi Max Ginger.

17.3.2017 Play

It turns out Inuits don't have 100 words for snow (just 50, in fact) but we Brits do certainly have a lot for "imbibing a few too many sherbets." Here's 10 of the best.

15.3.2017 Drink

Do you want a flake in that, love? 

13.3.2017 Drink

A new look for Foster's aims to tell the story of its Australian heritage and refreshing flavour, said brewer Heineken.

7.3.2017 Drink

America's favourite beer has landed in the UK in a bid to crack the millennial market.

6.3.2017 Drink

Kids' favourite, Robinsons Fruit Shoot, is to get its first global campaign, as brand owner Britvic looks to inspire children and their parents.

2.3.2017 Drink

Touted as a super-premium version of the shot brand, J├Ągermeister Manifest is based on the brand's original secret recipe but with added botanicals and time spent maturing in oak casks.