Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Robyn Black is Inapub's drinks expert and editor. Follow her on Twitter @MrsRobynBlack

23.5.2018 Drink

The family-owned soft drinks maker calls the new variants in its Celebrated range, "sensibly priced premium mixers."

21.5.2018 Drink

The new campaign, which launches next month, is aimed at driving footfall into pubs and bars.

11.5.2018 Drink

YouGov has produced a Beer Map of Britain that shows the preferred beer brands in each area.

9.5.2018 Drink

A new report, The Gender Pint Gap, by YouGov for the female beer group Dea Latis, shows women's attitudes towards beer haven't changed in nearly a decade.

8.5.2018 Drink

AB InBev has announced that this year's Budweiser campaign for the World Cup will be the "largest commercial campaign in the company's history."

4.5.2018 Eat

Thinking of lighting the BBQ this bank holiday weekend? Maybe you should give some thought to the charcoal you're using...

2.5.2018 Drink

The Oxfordshire-based brewer has broken with tradition to enter the lager market.

1.5.2018 Blogs

Ever heard of the "aggregation of marginal gains"? It's a theory that was used to huge success by Sir Dave Brailsford when he was performance director of British Cycling.

30.4.2018 Drink

Some ponder what Meghan Markle's dress will be like, for others a Royal wedding is the chance to ponder who the celebrity guests might be but here at Inapub Inn we are more interested in the commemorative beers...

26.4.2018 Back bar

Most Oscar-winners like to thank their parents, their partners, maybe a teacher or two but have any of them thanked a pub before?

They have now.

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