How to add, edit and view stats on your pics

Along with reviews, photos are an essential part of attracting new customers to your pub via TripAdvisor.

There are up to five types of photos associated with your listing:

  • Your primary photo – This is the main image of your TripAdvisor listing. You control what photo displays here, so choose one that will make a strong first impression
  • Additional Management photos – There is no limit to how many photos you can upload to your TripAdvisor page. These will be identified as Management photos and displayed alongside Traveller and Expert photos in the Traveller Photos section. When travellers scroll through photos, they can choose to sort by these criteria
  • Traveller-submitted photos – A thumbnail image of the newest traveller photo appears with the primary image that you've chosen for your listing. Clicking through the thumbnail shows all images and captions submitted by customers (along with your Management and Expert photos)
  • Professional photos (if applicable) – Pubs with rooms that are working with a commerce partner, like an online travel agent, may have a link to Professional photos on their listings. To update these photos, contact your OTA or partner.
  • Expert photos (if applicable) – These photos are submitted by the professional photographers of, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor


How can I upload photos to TripAdvisor?

For all photo-related tasks, head to the Management Centre.

  1. Click on Profile in the top menu and select Add New Photos to access the Manage Photos for your property page. If you are adding photos for the first time, click the Add more photos button.
  2. Use the Add more files button to select photos from your computer and then click Upload. You can add captions and tags to describe your images. Click the box authorising that you are a representative of the hotel and that you have the rights to post the photo. Then click the Next button to upload.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded photos, you can designate one as your primary photo. To designate a new primary photo, click the Suggest as primary radio button under the picture of your choice. Then, click Save and look out for a Success message confirming the change.


How do I manage photos once they are on TripAdvisor? 

Once you have uploaded at least one picture, return to the Manage Photos for your property page to: See a display of all management-uploaded photos, sorted by date, Add more photos, Designate a new primary photo, delete old photos, and create or update captions.

The updates will appear two to five business days after you click the Save button.


How can I get the most out of my photos?

If your TripAdvisor photo content is fully optimised, you will have the following:

  • A primary photo that showcases your property, which you periodically update in order to provide travellers with the freshest content possible.
  • More than 30 photos uploaded of your establishment, encouraging travellers to spend more time on your listing page.
  • Photos that look good on screens of all sizes – from desktop to tablet to mobile. This helps ensure travellers on-the-go can still see your photos.
  • Photos that reflect the latest and greatest at your property, like seasonal change, special events, or facilities upgrades.
  • Photos that express what is unique and memorable about your property


How can I measure the performance of my photos?

Photo performance data appears in your property’s Snapshot report, which is available in the Management Centre under the “Your property overview” window.

The Snapshot contains metrics on your total traveller and owner photos, percentage of visitors viewing photos and more. If your photos aren’t doing as well as you’d like – try switching up your primary photo to make them more attractive.


There’s something wrong with one of my photos. What do I do?

If there’s an issue with a Management Photo, delete it and upload it again.

For issues with Traveller and Expert photos, click the Report problem with this photo flag on the bottom right of the image. Once you’ve clicked the flag, select what’s wrong with the photo.