How to write a good description of your business

The key to writing a great description is to inspire people to visit your pub. 

Here are TripAdvisor's do's and don'ts.


  • Include your unique selling points. What sets your place apart from the competition? A sea view, wood burner and garden are all worth mentioning
  • Appeal to your target audience. For example, if you’ve got playground for kids, make sure you mention it
  • Say a little about the location. If you’ve got beautiful beaches nearby, mention these. Attractions such as theme parks, museums and restaurants are also worth including
  • Check for spelling and grammar. If punters see that you’ve taken care with your listing, they’ll be more confident that you’ll take good care of them too


  • Include a detailed description of the layout. You’re not selling your pub, you're trying to attract people to come in for a pie and a pint
  • List general facilities – that’s what your facilities tick boxes are for
  • Contain too much general info such as T&Cs, directions on how to get to the property or check-in/check-out information
  • Be more than a few paragraphs. If you write too much in your main description, your reader is likely to skim through the text and main selling points that you might have mentioned further down