The Champions League is back, giving you the chance to boost those midweek takings. We caught up with BT Sport presenter Gary Lineker to chat football, pubs and keeping his clothes on.

What can the Champions League do for a club and city like Leicester that isn't usually in the competition?

The magnitude of the surprise (of Leicester's success) has grabbed the public's imagination around the world. I don't have the statistics to back it up but it must give business in the area a boost. The whole city is looking forward to it both in terms of travelling and welcoming supporters from different clubs around Europe.


Will their ambition be to get out of the group and enjoy the experience?

I should think so. Anything beyond the last 16 would be a massive bonus. Talk about winning the thing... after last season who knows, but I promise not to make any stupid remarks that could embarrass me at some point in the future!


How will the other British clubs get on?

Celtic have been killed with the draw but they have not been in it for a couple of years so they can look forward to some big clubs coming, particularly Barcelona and Manchester City and British games are always exciting. The atmosphere there (Celtic) is always very special. City under Guardiola will be the most likely, it's remarkable how he has got them playing already which shows what a good teacher he is. I think Spurs will do all right, they've got a reasonable group and I like Pochettino a lot. They are a young maturing side and I think they will get better and better. Arsenal? Probably last 16.


How important is it for pubs to be able to show every game?

It's the biggest club competition in the world with all the best players and all the best teams and, I'm not a pub owner, but I would imagine it's a massive draw even this year the group stage has thrown up some magical ties. It's a great place to watch Champions League football.


Do you ever go to the pub yourself?

I do occasionally go to my local in South West London. I'm not a beer drinker so I have a vodka tonic or later on a nice malt whisky, only one or two though.


If you could choose one game in a pub with anyone who would you choose?

I would probably go with Maradona because that would be a laugh. I have watched a football match with him. It was Boca Juniors. It was insane and he was insane but it was a lot of fun and he's obviously one of the absolute greats.


Upcoming Champions League Fixtures

Tuesday September 13
PSG V Arsenal
Barcelona v Celtic
Borussia M'nch v Man City

Wednesday September 14
Spurs v Monaco
Club Brugge v Leicester

Tuesday September 27
CSKA v Spurs
Leicester v Porto

Wednesday September 28
Arsenal v Basel
Celtic v Man City

All 7.45pm kick offs live on BT Sport

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