How to update your online TV Sport listings

With so much sport on TV for pubs to show across a variety of channels, the TV Sport dashboard helps to simplify what you will be showing.

When you first use this section, select Add in TV Sport Facilities to select the number of screens you have and choose which TV channels you receive in your venue. This will ensure that we only show you sporting events that relate to those you can show in your venue.

  1. Once you have identified which television channels you are able to show in your venue, select Add Fixture to access our television guide.
  2. The guide is split into two sections: Football and Other Sports.
  3. Click on the Add button to select which TV channels you have (Sky/BT Sports) and then click save. You can now add matches by clicking the Manage Fixtures button
  4. Find the games you’re showing, and tick the box on the right next to them. Scroll down and click Save.
  5. These games will now show up in your Facebook tab and on your website. As each game is played, it’ll be automatically removed, so your Facebook & Website are always up-to-date, never out-of-date.
  6. If you are showing all the games in league or cup (e.g. Champions League), click Settings next to Help on the right-hand side of the screen and put a check next to each competition that you’ll be showing in your pub. Your website/Facebook page will then automatically update with the latest games for you.

Bonus Tip - many of our users use this section to identify when big matches are on to help with staff planning.