How to add SocialConnect tabs to your Facebook Page

Our Facebook tabs allow you to display details about your food menu, drinks list, events and TV Sport from your website directly onto a tab on your Facebook Page in real time.

Here’s how to add the tabs to your Facebook Page:

  1. From the Dashboard, scroll down and click on Products (under My Account on the left-hand side).
  2. Click on Add Tab next to the tabs you want to add - this will open up a preview of the look and feel of the tab.
  3. Click Add Facebook Tab - this will open Facebook and ask you to confirm the Facebook page that you would like to add the tab to.
  4. Once set up, any updates that you make on your SocialConnect account will show up in real time on your Facebook tabs.
  5. You can add a tab for each of the following: Food, Drinks, TV Sport and Events.