Add SocialConnect plug ins to your existing website

Inapub SocialConnect plugins allow you to embed information directly into your own or a partner's website and still be able to use Inapub’s service to update different sites simultaneously from one location.

When you select the plugin you require for your website you will be provided with a small piece of HTML code that you will need to place on your website, wherever you’d like the the plugin to appear.

The plugin will then update your site each time you make changes on Inapub.

Here’s how to get the code for your plugins:

  1. From the Dashboard, scroll down and click on Products (under My Account on the left-hand side).
  2. Click on Get Plugin next to the Plugins you want to add - this will open up a preview of the look and feel of your plugin.
  3. Click Get The Plugin Code.
  4. Copy the code and paste it into the relevant section of the HTML source of your webpage, blog or forum template, and you're good to go.
  5. Once set up, any updates that you make to your SocialConnect account will show up in real time on your website.
  6. You can add plugins for each of the following: Food, Drinks, TV Sport and Events.