National Poetry Slam champion Solomon O.B. has been travelling the country uncovering some of the best examples of pub spirit, as part of a new initiative from Heineken.

The brewer and pub operator has launched a #BrewingGoodCheer campaign this month to highlight the vital role pubs play at the heart of communities.

Solomon visited several pubs on his journey including:


  • The Crown and Horses, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, which was flooded last year.
  • The Wheatsheaf, Woodplumpton, Lancashire that has opened a post office on the pub after the one in the village closed.
  • Elephant pub, Liverpool where mothers in the community meet every morning over a cup of tea and biscuits.


From his visits he has created a poem that speaks of how, "the warmth inside can melt the ice of isolation," and that, "it was good to hear the constant hum /of conversation rather than endless twiddling thumbs/and notifications."

"These are not just pubs but community hubs/sitting pivotal in the middle/like pupils in an Iris." 

As part of the campaign Heineken is donating £50,000 to 50 charity and community projects and is hosting a series of pub lunches for lonely and isolated people.

"Pubs are the original social networks, so they're the perfect place to bring people together and help foster a tight-knit community spirit," said the company's head of responsibility and sustainability Claire Matthews.

"We hope that #BrewingGoodCheer will shine a light on the wonderful examples of community togetherness and the role pubs play in this - from the everyday to the extraordinary.

"And by showing that even a small gesture, such as chat over a drink and food, can make a big difference if you're feeling lonely, we hope to encourage people to think about reaching out to someone they know in need of some company."

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