In case you wanted to remind customers why your pub is so awesome - eight cracking reasons why Mother’s Day should be spent with you.

1. Mother’s Day is made for Sunday lunch, Sunday lunch is made for pubs

Pubs have got the “family-feel Sunday roast” down to a tee. Some even offer sharing meats, so that customers can carve up the centrepiece just like they’re at home. Plus there is no washing up. 


2. Sometimes you can bring the dog

Pubs love dogs. In fact, some pubs have even been given awards for how friendly they are to these canine pets. Plus there are plenty of dog mums out there who need to celebrate Mother's Day too.   


3. Publicans care A LOT

From our time out in the trade we’ve met a lot of great publicans and the one thing they all have in common is that they care about their customers a lot. They’ll go that extra mile to make Mother’s Day special.


4. Free-stuff

Pubs are great at offering top promotions. Some are offering free drinks and even a free bunch of flowers to mums. How lovely is that?



5. Pub quizzes

Mother's Day can mean spending a lot of time with family. What better way to break the ice or keep Grandad quiet than with a good pub quiz.



6. Something for everyone

Pub menus are so diverse these days that there’s usually something for everyone. From Granny, who thinks tomato ketchup is too spicy, to cousin Rachel, who is always on a diet.



7. Pub gardens are a saviour if you have kids

When people are in much need of some quality adult mummy-daughter time, then the pub garden is a saviour. Kids can run around while adults can keep a watchful eye (while enjoying their drink) inside.  



8. Pubs

Pubs are just the best. End of. Where better to spend a Sunday than one of the best things to come out of Great Britain. If you need proof, take a look at this list of 50 things which make pubs great.