Some people in the trade are experts when it comes to making a point in just 140 characters.

If you can wade through the sea of self-aggrandising opinions, get beyond the echo-chambers and force yourself over the images of meals getting cold when they should be getting eaten, then you can actually find some useful titbits on Twitter.

Pithy comments, well-constructed argument, gags and good old fashioned insight are all there to be seen. Here are some of are favourite tweeters.


1. @The_Dolphin_Pub

Imagine the best pub in the world. Then times it by a billion. Those aren't our words but rather the confident (and slightly edited to avoid offence at such an early stage of the article) claim of Hackney's hilarious boozer. Musings on life, music, Craig David, pubs and lots and lots of booze from a Tweeter that will brighten any dull moment on a shift.



2. @Bar_staff_probs

Only those who do the job can understand the unique frustrations of working behind a bar. More than 30,000 people follow and contribute to this feed to laugh at situations many will be able to relate to. It's OK folks. You are not alone.


3. @BoakandBailey

The award-winning beer writing duo are insightful, amusing and not afraid to prick pomposity. They are also like the history teacher whose lessons you loved (not the one who droned on while you stared out of the window).



4. @WeWantPlates

Landlords take note. Many, many people do not want their soup served in a shoe, their breakfast on a roof tile or their dinner in a bloody hat. Thank you.



5. @TheCraftWanker

Beer is great. Craft beer is great. Pompous people who want to be pretentious and tedious about a product that is created for social enjoyment can just jolly well do one. Go on, hop it.




6. @PilotBeer

See above and then see these guys. Proof that beer should be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.




7. @HellHound

While we are on the subject of brilliant brewers out there on the Twittersphere... Hellhound is unfiltered, funny and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.