As well as trying to save Birmingham City from the drop Harry Redknapp is helping BT Sport celebrate pub football. He will be on hand to present the trophy and pass on words of wisdom at the final of the BT Sport Pub Cup at Arsenal's Emirates stadium in May.



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Before the big kick off we caught up with Harry to discuss football, pubs, and the person he would most like to have a drink with.


Why should pubs enter the BT Sport Pub Cup?
It's a good competition, the prize is great for the winning team and there are rewards at the end of it.
I am sure there will be some talented teams who will find a few good players who have used their pub at some time. There'll be a few ex-professionals playing, I'm sure of that.



Harry talks shop with BT Sport's Jake Humphrey


Is that level of football still important?
Grassroots football is still important. We are not talking about kids here looking to make it, if we were they shouldn't be in the pub all the time! I am sure there are some good lads who have played and enjoyed the atmosphere of the pub and will be up for playing.


Will you be able to pass on any advice to the players at the final at the Emirates?
Yeah, don't have a pint before the game! Wait until afterwards. What a great day for them to have the chance to play at the Emirates.



You filmed the promo for the Pub Cup at the Black Lion in Plaistow, did that bring back some memories?
Yes, that was the pub we used when I was a player at West Ham. The whole team would be in the Black Lion and our friends would be there waiting. The food and the atmosphere were fantastic, especially if we won on the Saturday.





Has the pub changed much since then?
Not really. Frank Lampard (senior) actually bought the pub and owned it for a few years. The present guy has had for about 20 years now. Great guy, loves his football. It's a good sporting pub and I am sure they can get a good team for the Pub Cup.


Did you ever own a pub yourself?
No, I never owned a pub. A lot of lads did. People didn't come out of the game with a lot of money then and they would have a pub or a wine bar. Some successfully, some not so successfully. The players these days don't have to do that anymore.


Are you beer or wine man?
I like a glass of wine with dinner. In those days I used to drink Bacardi and coke, that seemed to be the in drink. Now I enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner.




Is the pub a good source of wisdom or do fans talk a lot of nonsense about the game?
I think you can watch a game of football or go in the pub before the game and you'll probably find out more about the player in the pub. They'll give you an honest opinion. They go every week, they're not stupid. There's a lot of knowledgeable people. Once you become a football manager it's hard to go to the pub. I go in for dinner and I enjoy that in the countryside.


If you could go to the pub with player or manager past of present who would it be?
Bobby Moore, for sure. He was great company. George Best would be useful as well, he was a great character and a great player.


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