We asked three licensees to spill the beans on the most terrifying wedding disasters they’d seen – and they’re bad enough to make you sweat with fear.

In this month’s issue of the magazine, we put pub weddings on the spot and spoke to publicans across the land about their top tips and ideas.

Hosting weddings can be a fantastic way to turn a profit when done well. Read the whole feature here.

However, while disasters are hopefully uncommon in the wedding business, when they strike they can make your stomach turn. Here are a few humdingers licensees shared with us.


1. The jilted bride

Brett Sutton, The White Post, Rimpton, Somerset 

“The second wedding I ever did at a hotel I saw the bride get jilted at the altar. The groom just didn’t turn up, but they still went ahead with the celebration. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen that happen in 20 years.”


2. The wrong gear

Billy Morgan, The Grove Ferry Inn, Canterbury, Kent

“We had a wedding on New Year’s Eve. A coach company had been arranged to pick everyone up but the coach driver fell ill. I was then left with the keys to a 48-seater bus, on New Year’s Eve when there were no taxis about, and an entire wedding party stuck in the pub.”

Billy was organised enough to have taken down all the details 


of all the outside companies the bride and groom had used, so phoned the coach company. Luckily the owner was around to come down and drive the coach himself.


3. The wedding cake plummet

Paul Clerehugh, The Crooked Billet, Stoke Row, Henley-on-Thames

“Someone wanted an eight-tier French fruit flan for their cake, with cascades of summer berries. So I made it plus a special stand for it. On our route carrying it into the marquee where there were 200 guests waiting, it collapsed onto the floor.”

Paul fixed the situation by cleverly piecing the cake together temporarily for the big reveal then getting hold of all the tarts within his businesses and recreating the cake, to serve up to the guests later.