From beards to deconstructed coffee - here is what you need to up the handlebar 'tache count in your pub.

1. Beards

When is a beard hipster and when is a beard CAMRA? And when is a beard just a beard? Spotting the difference can be a hirsute nightmare but it's definitely a signature of a hipster hangout.


2. Hy-breads



It started with the cronut (that's the lovechild of a croissant and a doughnut), was followed by the wonut (the waffle got involved) and now we present the scioche (scone and brioche). Thanks, but can I just get a slice of bread?


3. Jam jars, teapots etc

Heaven forbid you want to drink out of a glass like some kind of Neanderthal. Those things are so passé. It gets worse — in some places the bill will now be delivered to you in a treasure chest, like it's going to contain a nice surprise.


4. Deconstructed coffee

The latest deconstructed/do-it-yourself item is apparently coffee. In Melbourne a bemused customer's tweet about her coffee being served in three separate beakers – milk, hot water and espresso — resonated with more than two million views. Watch
this space UK pubs.


5. A chip burial ground



This sombre-looking serve represents some of the quirkier or downright odd ways that food can be presented in trendier hangouts. Thankfully, breakfasts served on a garden spade never really took off.


6. Shabby chic

See point one. When does furniture stop being shabby and become shabby chic? In many hipster hangouts, expect to see decrepit Victorian school chairs or church pews and sofas with more rips than 1980s denim. This is generally topped off with some type of neon signage on exposed brickwork.


7. Avocado with everything



Toast, brownies, smoothies, smashed avocado. It's a hipster staple. Just check out Instagram, you can barely swing a cat (also to be found in some hipster bars) for pics of avocado.


8. Craft beer



We've been giving hipsters a hard time but let's give them their due, they do like a craft beer and that's no bad thing now, is it? Well that dry-hopped, pineapple-infused Imperial Russian Stout at £5 for a third might be, but that's down to personal choice.


9. Board games

If there were a Venn diagram of traditional and hipster pubs, these would be in the overlapping section. Though only in one venue will the games be played with a post-modern, ironic twist.


10. Dogs


Ah, man's best friend. To all types, in all pubs. Let's all take our slouchy beanies off to that.