Michael Owen is keeping his fingers crossed that two of his former clubs can qualify for next year's Champion's League.

The England great turned BT Sport football expert is expecting both Liverpool and Manchester United to finish the season in style...and if he isn't watching the drama unfold from the studio or commentary box he may well be in the pub.

He said: "I think that Liverpool and Man City will get third and fourth and Man Utd will win the Europa League. That would cover all bases. Certainly from BT's point of view, having five teams in the Champions League would be brilliant.

"We have had a bit of an average time in the Champions League in recent years so to have five teams and five real big hitters would be amazing. I would be astounded if one of them didn't make the semi-finals."



He added that he expects another of his former clubs to triumph in this year's Champions League final, which will be held in Cardiff on June 3.

"Real Madrid have an amazing resilience about them these days as well as some really talented players. I think Bayern Munich has the best squad and Barcelona have got some of the best individuals but I think Real Madrid are a mixture of the both and I just think they will probably win it again."

Cardiff is a city that holds great memories for Owen. He scored a quick-fire double in the 2001 FA Cup Final against Arsenal to turn the game on its head and win the cup for Liverpool.

"Cardiff is a brilliant stadium. It's got great atmosphere and big capacity. It's one of the best stadiums around at the moment. If I could live one day again it would be that day when we beat Arsenal at Cardiff for Liverpool. Lifting the trophy and the party and the joy afterwards is what it's all about."

While partying was rare in his days as a player he says he is now more of a regular at his local pubs, where he enjoys sipping cider or red wine.



"I am a bit of one for going to the pub. It's in my blood. My dad and I go down to the local for a pint. I like watching the football and seeing the lads. I'll go a couple of times a week. You can't do when you're a footballer but I'm making up for lost time.

"There's no better day for me than sitting there from early afternoon watching the football."

And apart from being asked for a selfie, what are the most common questions fans ask him in the pub?

"It depends what type of fan it is. If it's a Man Utd fan it's the goal against City. If it's a Liverpool fan it's the FA Cup Final or why did you leave? If it is a neutral it's that goal against Argentina."


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