Today could be the hottest day of the year, and it’s left UK employees with a tricky decision.

The weather, dubbed officially by the British public as “beer garden weather”, hit a high of 32.1 °C yesterday and is expected to reach 33°C in London today.

And as temperatures soar, the UK’s offices are seeing a distinct lack of enthusiasm, which can only be blamed on pubs.  

Twitter has been filled with confused workers, torn between spending their day in a pub beer garden or actually doing some work.

One Twitter user said: “There's a beer garden 50 yards from our office ... not sure I can make it into work today.”

While another even questioned the legality of not being allowed to spend their day in the beer garden today, and said: “Get me to a beer garden pronto. Working in this should be illegal.”



Thankfully, pubs know what to do when the mercury creeps up this high; dust off the garden tables, fill up on ice and make the most of those thirsty hungry customers.


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