Most dads would have been happy with breakfast in bed followed by lunch at the pub.

But how about having a pub in your name for a party to celebrate Father's Day?

This was the prize Paul Lightfoot won in a competition run by London brewery and pubco Fuller's to find a super dad.


 Paul pulls a pint of Pride in The Lightfoot Arms


However, turning up to the pub on Sunday – The Turk's Head in Twickenham – and seeing it renamed in his honour as The Lightfoot Arms, was a total surprise because he had been nominated by his son David.

David said: "My Dad is a super hero. He has always told me and my brother to follow our hearts and always believed in us. He's also a chipper chap and very fun."

As well as the pub being temporarily renamed, Paul also had his name on top of the menu and got a meal on the house for his entire family.


Lifted: It was a special day for The Lightfoot Family


Paul said: "I'm so chuffed about this. This is such a lovely surprise, and I'm delighted I get to celebrate it with my family. I'm touched that David would enter me in to such a competition. It's quite surreal to see your own face on a pub sign!"

Kate Ross, Turk's Head/Lightfoot Arms manager, added: "We had a lot of fun with Paul and his family on Father's Day. It's a great competition and you could tell Paul was thrilled with his prize."