Opening early to screen the Lions tour worked well for pubs, according to data from beer-flow monitors Vianet.

The final test in the tied three match series was the best of the bunch with sports pubs experiencing a 58 per cent uplift in sales compared to the previous weekend. Overall that Saturday (July 8) saw pubs sell 15 per cent more beer throughout the day than the previous weekend. The average sports pub poured 467 pints across the day.

Pubs that opened for the 8.35am kick-offs had already seen an uplift for the first two clashes in the keenly contested series.

Mark Fewster, product manager at Vianet, said: "The series decider undoubtedly encouraged more fans to head to the pub with our data showing huge volumes at certain sites.

"Some operators may have questioned the value of early trading but our data proves those that did so, and delivered a great customer experience, reaped the rewards of repeat visits and increased revenue."

Meanwhile, search data from across the sport pub finder MatchPint platforms showed there were a total of 160,000 searches for the three matches across the series, with the final game proving the most popular.