We may live in a world addicted to communicating via smartphones but when it comes to the important stuff technology doesn't get close to the pub.

Research by Greene King and its charity partner Macmillan shows that men are three times more likely to share their worries over a pint than a messaging service.

In total, 18 per cent of men would discuss their problems in a pub, compared to six per cent who would use social media or just five per cent who would Whatsapp their worries.



Perhaps surprisingly, men seem more comfortable than women when it comes to talking about health matters down the pub – 23 per cent of men would choose that local compared to 13 per cent of women.

Home is the only place (41 per cent) where men feel more comfortable discussing problems than the pub.

Greene King has raised more than £3 million for Macmillan since 2012. It hopes the survey will help men open up about health issues.

Rooney Anand, chief executive at Greene King, said: "It is encouraging to know that many men feel they can openly talk about their problems in a pub. Social media is a great communication tool, but there is nothing neither better nor comforting, than having an important conversation with a friend, face to face and in a safe and relaxed environment."