The best pub cats in the land - the cute, the crazy and the charming...



1. Chairman Meow
The Kings Head, Leicester

This fella has a Facebook page-following Kim Kardashian would be jealous of. He's an attention-loving aristo-cat, who loves the finer things in life and often has to be forcibly retrieved from a rather posh hotel down the road.





2. Mr Cow
The Rising Sun, Sheffield, Yorkshire

According to his owner, this mog loves nothing more than tucking in to a good old tomato. Yep, none of that "cat food" here please, it's all about those clean eating vibes for Mr Cow. Well, he is named after a herbivore after all...





3. Pumpkin
The Perch, Oxford

"Silly humans, who needs chefs when you could catch dinner yourself?" was Pumpkin's thought as she dragged a large dead goose through the pub one lunch time...





4. Churchill
The Old Eagle, Camden, London

Churchill loves to accept food bribes from customers, and you can find him lazing about on a sofa or hiding underneath a chair. Once a politician, always a politician.




5. Bailey
The Heart and Hand, Brighton, Sussex

By day he's a doorman and by night you'll catch him spinning the decks. But he drives a steep bargaining price – a glass of milk and bowl of cat food every shift.



6. Shmoo
Thornbridge Brewery Tap, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

This kitty isn't phased by even the rowdiest of customers. On New Years Eve she's been known to fall asleep at the bar and stay so still that people thought she was a taxidermy cat.





7. Pubcat
The Hope, Sutton, Greater London
Or P.C for short. She's a no nonsense kind of gal who traded her life in the book shop across the road to become a mainstay in the pub. She knows what's good.




8. Spongebob
The Pineapple pub, Camden, London
He does live in a pineapple! And he's a ladies man to say the least. He loves ladies laps, sitting on newspapers mid crossword and begging for prawns from the Thai kitchen.




9. Legz's
The Charlotte Despard, Archway, London
AKA his legless lordship. He's got just thee legs after being in a car accident, but that doesn't stop him from ruling the roost. And who can blame him, he did win Outstanding Rescue Cat of the Year, 2014.




10. Craig David
The Free Trade Inn, Ouseburn, Newcastle

Sadly this legendary pub cat went missing and passed away earlier this summer, but he was regarded as "truly a pillar among the pub cat community" – uniting pubcat owners across the UK. Big furry respect for this fella.