Here are a selection of some great ways in which pubs can use Facebook Live. 


Live is an amazing way to show you what is going on right now in your pub. Live gets 10X more engagement than other posts, with many of your current followers receiving a notification when you Go Live. Social Media is about atmosphere and live is a great way to do that in immediately. When using live aim to get over 90 seconds as this gets the most reach. Here is a selection of ideas for Live (not just for Facebook) which you can try in your pub:

Live Music – Anytime you have live music you should look to show people. Going Live when they are playing their best song and showing people dancing and enjoying themselves. Or before the event, interview the band about what type of music they will be playing or even just watch them setting up. NB: Put a sign out on the bar whenever you go live to make sure customers are aware.

Pub Quiz – Instead of just saying 'Don't forget the Quiz', why not show the quiz when it happening Live. If people don't know what the quiz is like, showing them live right then will help them to see. This may mean they might visit the following week. Or interview the quiz host asking what people should read up on ahead to get an advantage. Or ask a bonus question ahead of the quiz to get extra points.

Family Fun Day – In summer or for events such as Halloween & Bonfire night, why not show families enjoying themselves. This can be as simple as watching the bouncy castle going up. Or perhaps judging a fancy dress or face painting competition. NB: Be careful of videos with children, make sure you have a notice up warning customers.

Making the Food – Show the customer the way the food is made. For instance, if you are making a burger, show them its construction. Or if you are making a roast, show the prep work of the food being made. Doing this will demonstrate you have fresh food which customer will appreciate.

Sporting events – Many pubs show sports, but many people will want a place where they can enjoy the right atmosphere. Going Live as people come in for an International or Club competition ahead of the event can make the difference between you and a competitor. You can also go live during a key moment such as the important goal or match point.

Setting up the Pub – Show customers the work you put into opening the pub. You work hard to get your pub looking great & feeling great before you open. People will appreciate that hard work if you show them Live and will see how much care and attention you pay.

Cocktail making – Customers will ask you whenever you make a cocktail how and with which spirits. Which shows you how interested they will in a Live video of you making them. Have the staff talk about the history of the spirits & its ingredients, and what they are doing. A quick 5 min Live video of cocktail making can increase sales as customers are immediately more aware of what it will be like.

Interview your staff – Customers always more information about what you are serving, so why not interview the staff to do exactly that. You can speak with them about the beers you have on the pump or the wine you have in the fridge at the moment and coming up, describing the tasting notes & flavours. Or Interview the chef asking him about what is in the food and how it is prepared. You can do this for wine, food or about anything. 

Don't worry if the video goes wrong as you can stop and then delete the video. Try it as it can work really well for the right occasion.