Give customers the option to vote for what happens in your venue. 




One of the tools available on Facebook pages are polls. This can be used in a variety of ways to generate interest and footfall in your pubs. These can be used to give customers a choice in your business which can help to generate interest

  1. To create a poll, you should select the create a poll button from the Facebook activity Buttons.  pollbutton
  2. Select the 2 choices you would like to make you can only add 2 choices.polls1
  3. Add a relevant description of the choices.polls2
  4.  Add a picture or Gif to make the post more effective.poll3
  5. Select the amount of time you would like the post to run for. This can be forever if necessary, but we would suggest no longer than a week to maintain interest.poll4
  6. Add a description of the poll and what the outcome will be. Once complete press post.
  7. The Poll will now run on your Facebook page with customers voting for the outcome.

Get Polling now.