Take advantage of these ideas to generate more footfall on Facebook throughout December and beyond.


Here are some ideas of what you can do over the festive season on Facebook.

• Make sure your Facebook page is verified. You will come higher up in searches. Your content & posts will also get more reach once you have done this. A guide on how to carry this out is available in the Facebook section of this guide. Facebook-Verified-Account-Logo
• Listing the menus on the Facebook Page – This can be done via the More information section of the Facebook page. Or if you are an Inapub website customer
• Post the menu itself. Just by posting people will look at it and maybe consider booking based on the menu content.
• Changing the cover picture to reflect the Christmas offering. I have attached a good example of a Xmas Cover picture. As it's the largest image it plants the Christmas idea in their head as soon as they arrive hopefully generating bookings. WindmillXmas
• Facebook Live – Live gets 10x more engagement than other posts. We suggest maybe doing a live video where the manager or other person speak to the chef and have him talk about the local produce and content of the Christmas meals. Or just maybe even prep a table for Christmas as a mockup and play Christmas music in the background. When the customers are singing along to music or you have a band playing show your customers live.
• Add a Trip Advisor Reviews tab. The instructions for you to do this are in our Digital Marketing guide Trip Advisor section. TAadmin
• Christmas Post Boosting – Create a post about the booking and boost it to the area around you. Boosting over December should be targeted differently. Consider that the demographics are different because of people being at home or away for Xmas.