Encouraging customers to follow a Hashtag you have crated on Instagram will ensure they see all of your posts. 


Instagram allows customers to follow a specific hashtag. Creating a hashtag specific to your business will lead to more customers seeing the content you create. This will lead to more footfall in your business. Examples of this might be:
Food led Examples: #Coach&horsesFood, #CrownMenu, #PloughPizza
Wet Led: #BullBeer, #AdmiralCaskmarque, #TheGeorgeGin
Music Venue: #MaltshovelMusic #DuckDukebox #KingGeorgeKaraoke
Sports Venue: #RedlionRugby #TheSwanSoccer #RailwayTavernSports

Use the hashtag to demonstrate something about you pub, giving another follower who sees your post a greater idea of the unique selling points of your pub. Add the suggestion to follow your hashtag to your posts and mention it to your customers. You can also use this hashtag on Twitter to encourage followers on that platform.
Here is how to follow a hashtag:
1. Tap any hashtag (example: #pubfood) you see on Instagram.
2. Tap Follow. Once you follow a hashtag, you'll see its photos and videos appear in places like stories, feed and in the Following section of your profile.